About Me


I am a recent graduate of the University of Georgia where I studied Political Science, Sociology, and Spanish.  All three of these subjects are those for which I have a passion.  I became interested in Political Science because of my involvement in policy debate; last year marked the 8th and final year that I engaged in debates.  My interest in Sociology was inspired by talks with my sister, who also went to UGA and majored in Sociology.  By discussing social issues with her, I was able to begin living life through a critical lens at a young age.

This website contains both my work and interests.   These interests are not a small range of things because I believe that one can dig deeper into everything.  The insights that I can gain through reading, writing, and analyzing have come to define who I am.   My mental process has been further shaped by my two majors; I think of everything in terms of their causes and outcomes, and I would not want to think any other way.  I hope that this website will provide a sense of excitement in the same way that these topics excite me.