*All of the written work below is in Spanish

SPAN 2001 & SPAN 2002 – Intermediate Spanish

SPAN 3010 – Spanish Conversation and Composition
Profesora Rosa Guissel Chavez-Otero

“Primary emphasis is divided between conversation and composition skills. The two phases of the course are correlated to include the skills of reading and listening comprehension. Given in Spanish. Not open to native speakers.”

This course focused on the building of conversational skills within the classroom.  Below are compositions on various subjects:
SPAN 3010 – Una Persona Importante en Tu Vida – Composición
SPAN 3010 – Las Drogas Legales – Composición
SPAN 3010 – Los Partidos Politicos en los EEUU – Composición

SPAN 3020 – Advanced Conversation and Composition
Dr. Khedija Gadhoum

“Practice in composition and conversation skills in Spanish, beyond Spanish Conversation and Composition. Emphasis is divided equally between composition and conversation. Given in Spanish. Not open to native speakers.”

This course provided resources for improving Spanish conversation and composition skills to an advanced level; it utilized lectures, oral practice, group projects and discussions, and written compositions.  In order to use these tools, we studied literature and film from a variety of cultures, and particularly focused on social issues.

SPAN 3020 – Composición de un Personaje
SPAN 3020 – Composición de Comparar y Contrastar
SPAN 3020 – Composicion de Causa y Efecto

SPAN 3040 – Introduction to Analysis of Hispanic Culture
Dr. Khedija Gadhoum

“Critical reading and interpretation of Spanish and Spanish- American cultural productions in their historical and social context. Basic vocabulary and techniques of cultural analysis and criticism. Given in Spanish.”

The final project in the course represented a great opportunity for me to explore two student movements that I have found interesting given the state of politics and the economy in both Spain and Mexico.  The two student movements, Juventud SIN Futuro and Yo Soy 132, are strong and ongoing; I created a website and blog for updated information on the movements.

My website for my final work in the class can be found here:

In addition, I completed a paper providing a summary of the two movements along with their causes.  You can find that below:
SPAN 3040 – Trabajo Final – Movimientos Juveniles

SPAN 4120 – Topics in Spanish Culture, Language, and Literature
Profesora Inma Garnes

“Selected topics in Hispanic culture, civilization, language, linguistics, literature, or literary theory. Given in Spanish.”

I took this course in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, and the topic selected was Spanish history during and after the Civil War.  During the course, we gave many presentations, which were the bulk of our assignments.  Below is the reflection I wrote after studying in a new culture:
SPAN 4120 – Trabajo Final